Spiderman on PS4 was the bee’s knees! It’s the second game I did a full stream of from start to finish following Heavy Rain.

Web swinging is very good, and while it was greatly improved over other modern Spider-man games, it still doesn’t top the swinging from Spider-man 2 on PS2 and Xbox.

Combat was fantastic, and as a big fan of “the Arkham” system created by Rocksteady, I fell in to it pretty easily and there wasn’t a great deal of difficulty until I tried for high scores and high combo counters. It took some getting used to having to Web zip to enemies instead of just attacking in their general direction and having the game zip and bounce and somersault towards the enemies. Combined with the reversing of positions of Y and B (Triangle and Circle respectively on PS4), even 20 hours in I was still messing those buttons up. That happens when you put in a solid 100 hours into Arkham games over the past few years.

Graphically, I’m always amazed at what truly talented developers like Insomniac, Guerilla and Naughty Dog can pull out of a PS4. Game looks ace, and the fact that everything was rendered in-engine (as evidenced by your chosen suit being on display in each cutscene) was great as well.

Sound was good, music was good, main Spider-Man theme they created is fantastic.

I appreciate what they went for with the stealth missions featuring Miles and MJ, with the intent being to break up the action with something different, but I think they’d have been better handled as just walking sims with some story exposition. The stealth mechanics used in these are braindead-simple and serve their purpose, but aren’t up to the quality of the rest of the game.

I’m looking forward to DLC, and especially any DLC that might give endless challenge mode. I could go to the Arkham games for weeks after completion and just beat guys up for hours. I’d like some of that in this game as well.

All in all, a solid must-buy.